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He is rather rash and a bit hot headed. Although he dislikes drinking and the such, he enjoys the bar scene for the social interactions. Although he has a hard time with names so he gives people new names. There are very few people he calls by their real name. Whether it is from repsect or it represents their skill not many know.


Grew up in the slums of Havana due to his lack of family. He never had much but he did manage to get by with whatever odd jobs he found. A lot of the time though he assisted some old man in an old run down restaurant. He spent most of the time cooking or cleaning there,. They never shared too many words but as a young child he was a handful. He stayed with the man until his later teens and learned what he could from the man in terms of cooking. Although by 16 the old man died of old age and Xeriden never wept for the old man but he did stay at the abandoned building after the old man passed. He never talks about him or if he had any relatives.


  • Scramble! Xeridan's footwork is quick, and shows he has had some kind of talent for fighting. Mostly, he uses it to avoid enemy attacks Effect: +2 to dodge rolls for three rounds, 4 CD.

Skills and Abilities[]

Dirty tactics as some would call them. He would just it smart fighting. He has been known settle his scores in all kinds of ways. Attack while you are sleeping? He has done it once or twice. There have been times he added salts to the wounds of who he defeated and then rubbed it in with his boot. People do wonder why his so called polearm has a chain attached to it though....

Blades Bludgeoning Unarmed Ranged Thrown Pole Custom Dual DF
1 1 1 1 1 3 1 N/A N/A

Items and Equipment[]

Location Armor Toughness Special
Weapons ATK Special
Inventory Quantity