Vane Romera is a hunter that lives alone in his mothers house. He lives a free life and is always open for parties. His hometown was attacked by Pirates and his mother died because of that. After that incident he wanted to join the marines and find the pirate that killed his mother.


Vane is a tall guy who wears military clothes that are good for hunting. He is 23 years old and fights with two pistols or a shotgun. Because he is always in the nature and carrying a big shotgun he is very muscular. He has dark hair and light blue eyes. 


Vane is a very kind person and lives alone. He likes to hunt and be in the nature. But because of the pirate attacked that killed his mother he has a very big hatred against pirates. He is always smoking cigarettes and has atleast one pistol with him. 

Skills & AbilitiesEdit

Due to his life as a hunter he knows how to survive in the nature pretty well. Furthermore he has very good eyes and ears. He can read tracks of most animals he has seen so far.

Fighting StyleEdit

He relies on his weapons for fight. He normally uses two pistols. Because of him being a hunter he also knows how to use shotguns and rifles aswell. He wants to backup the fighters and is trained in long range battle. Also he is trained to camouflage in the forrest. Guns : 1  | Sword: 1 | Hammer: 1 | Axe: 1 | Bow: 1 | Spear: 1 | Unarmed: 1 | Custom: 1

Items & EquipmentEdit



Chest:  Leather Chest Brace | Toughness: 1

Gloves: Cloth Wrist Wraps  | Toughness:  1

Pants: Cotton Pants  | Toughness: 1 

Shoes: Leather Boots  | Toughness: 1 

Overall Toughness: 4

Weapon: Bronze Pistol  | Attack: 10

Gold: 511

more comes later :)