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Silas Valentine is the leader of the Crimson Pirates. He is a benevolent leader and fiercely protective of his family, all of whom are leaders in his crew. Silas has built the Crimson Crew from the ground up and have made them one of the largest arms dealing and smuggling operations in the world. Most of the members in the crew use different types of high quality gun type weaponry. His ships are also noted to have the highest firepower available.


Silas wears a black trenchcoat and hat, along with a black skull mask that covers most of his face. He used to be just as handsome as the rest of his siblings, but an unknown accident cause most of his face to be burned off. From the hole in his mask, his clear brown eyes and blond hair can be seen. Silas wields many types of guns in battle, being one of the most skilled gunners in the world.


Silas before he got burned

Despite his disfigured face, Silas is a pretty calm and kind person. He jokes with his crew often, but his wit and skills on the battlefield have earned everyone's respect. He is fiercely protective of his siblings, and worries about them often when they travel on their ships. He has banned any of the ships under his command from raiding towns, and prefers to make his crew prosper through arms dealing and smuggling extremely rare goods.

Skills & Abilities[]

Silas is an extremely skilled marksman and has his own style with his weaponry. Due to being an arms dealer, he and all his crew wield the most advanced inventions around. 

Guns Sword Hammer Axe Bow Spear Unarmed Custom(Explosives)
Master 15 15 15 15 15 15 25

Usually, he's known to wield "Havoc" a sub-machine gun usually. Despite it being a heavy gun, Silas is pretty quick while using it. Often times he'll stand on the bow of the ship and begin a pre-emptive attack. 

Items and Equipment[]

Location Armor Toughness Special
Head Skull Mask 30
Shoulders Raider's Coat N/A
Chest Raider's Coat 50
Gloves Markman's Gloves 25 +1 Guns Skill
Pants Raider's Pants 35
Boots Rugged Boots 25
Total 165 +1 Guns Skill
Weapons ATK Special
Havoc (Machine Gun) 100 Can Damage Ships
Onyx Pistols 80