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The Oblivion Pirates is the new crew formed after the betrayal and disbandment of the former morpheus PIrates. Now just two brave souls ready to face the world without mercy. 


Jolly Roger Credit to Prince Cheddar


  • Rickert: To become the most notorious and strongest pirate in the world, and one day return to his home island to marry his lover, Sonia.
  • Sia: To find the people that destroyed his village and get revenge. Once that is finished, Sia will move on to a new dream he found while exploring the north blue: become a master assassin.

Ship: The Dreaming Mist[]

Hit Points Damage Sight Speed Equip Slots (7)
Stats 350 50 50 20 + 25 Torpedoes (-), Staysails (2), Mizzen Mast (2)

Shark Torpedos: Once per battle, roll two dice. For each roll of 10 or over, they do 15 damage.

Crew Data[]

Name Epithet Bounty Position
Rickert D. Charybdis Captain/Chef
Sia Ankoku 2000 First Mate/Doctor/Alchemist?

OOC: The Crew[]

The Crew Theme Song: