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The Morpheus Pirates are a pirate crew founded during the Harmony Festival in Havanna, East Blue, by Anselm Lanivir. When the Festival was brought to a tragic halt by an enormous dockside explosion, they decided to band together and head for Chippingford to purchase a ship, so that they might at last begin to sail the Grand Line and make their name as pirates.

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  • Anselm: To bring about the fall of the World Nobles and teaching the world the true meaning of "Justice" and to become powerful enough to reshape the world with his own two hands. He also wishes to prove his strength to Selena Valentine.
  • Hori: To follow in his father's footsteps and become a great pirate in the New World.
  • Shizu: To destroy all forms of corruption.
  • Rickert: To become the most notorious and strongest pirate in the world, and one day return to his home island to marry his lover, Sonia.
  • Sia: To find the people that destroyed his village and get revenge. Once that is finished, Sia will move on to a new dream he found while exploring the north blue: become a master assassin.

Ship: The Dreaming Mist[]

Hit Points Damage Sight Speed Equip Slots (7)
Stats 350 50 50 20 + 25 Torpedoes (-), Staysails (2), Mizzen Mast (2)

Shark Torpedos: Once per battle, roll two dice. For each roll of 10 or over, they do 15 damage.

Crew Data[]

Name Epithet Bounty Position
Anselm Lanivir Captain, Archaeologist
Hayabusa Hori First Mate, Shipwright
Shizu Navigator
Rickert D. Charybdis Chef
Sia Ankoku Doctor

OOC: The Crew[]

The Crew Theme Song: