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Logan has always been an outcast, and an introvert by nature. Secretly he has always wanted to have the courage to be outgoing like the brave pirates he hears so much about. Logan likes to escape from the excitement of his village by sparring against the thick trees of the island forest with sticks, and swimming around the island, in which he is very proficient. Over years, he has even befriended some of the marine life around the island, hence the nickname "Stingray".


Logan is one of the founding members of the newly formed Flux Crew. Although they are currently a small crew with no major achievements, the Flux crew have just enlisted in the marines, and are sure to cause a major impact on the world's seas.


Logan is 18 years old, which a tall, lanky build. He has rough dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a large scar on his right shoulder blade, ironically from a stingray attack he received the first time he went swimming alone. His body is not extremely muscular, although it is extremely strong from swimming.

Fighting Style:

Logan's commitment to his training has made him proficient with a sword-like weapon, although he has never actually wielded a proper weapon before. His experience in the water gives him the upper hand fighting in the water, although he could not stand up to a fishman.

Gun Sword Hammer Axe Bow Spear Unarmed Custom
1 15 1 1 1 1 6 N/A

Bladed techniques:

LVL 1: Whiplash 

+2 damage, +1 to dodge roll next turn

3 turn cool down

LVL 5: Leaping Dash

+5 hit roll, +5 damage

5 turn cool down

Items and Equipment:

Location Armor Toughness Special
Head Hood of the Sands +20 TA, +3 Hit
Shoulders Cloak of the Sands +1 Hit, +10 DR
Chest Leather armor + crude blue 10 +15 DR, +12.5 HP
Gloves Leather armor + crude blue 10 +15 DR, +12.5 HP
Pants Leather armor + crude blue 10 +15 DR, +12.5 HP
Boots Leather armor + crude blue 10 +15 DR, +12.5 HP
Total 40 +70 DR, +50 HP, +20 TA, +4 Hit
Weapons ATK Special
Emerald Blade 40

+10 ATK when using inside of Telmar city. This weapon also signifies the prince's relationship with it's user and gives them easy access to various locations in the city.

Rend 45

Rend is a powerful wind enchanted claymore that sends out powerful gusts of wind when swung. Although it is large, it's enchanments make it much lighter for it's wielder.

On Hit rolls of 17-20, the claymore sends out a gust of wind that adds 15 damage to your attack. On a roll of 2-3, it adds 40 damage.

Inventory Quantity
Gold 2554
Pendant of Valoria (unequipped) 1

Story so far...

  • Arrived in Dancing Lawn as a shy, nervous young man seeking courage and strength
  • Met Eclipse at the Paradise Pub and struck up a conversation, which led to them deciding to form a pirate crew and adventure together

  • Entered the Dancing Lawn Tournament, and won the first round undamaged. Unfortunately had to forfeit from round 2.

  • Inconspicuously aided Yagami and Hori in stealing a bag from the Crimson Pirates by attempting to create a distraction. This seemed completely unnecessary, and Yagami escaped with the bag.

  • Introduced to Karizai by crewmate Eclipse. Karizai joins the crew and the Flux Pirates are formed.
  • Karizai and Stingray both receive different letters from the Paradise Pub bartender, to be delivered to different people in the village of Sakiin. Finding this slightly suspicious, they set out for Sakiin, hoping to find information on the way.
  • On the way to Sakiin, Karizai and Stingray meet up with Yagami in Long West, who was investigating a similar message, which had put him on the trail of a slave syndicate. Believing that their letters were involved in the same syndicate, the three decide to team up to take down the slavers.

  • After learning that the mayor of Long West is in fact a member of the slave syndicate, the trio decide they need to destroy all evidence that they were ever there. Being the introvert he is, Stingray stands back as Yagami goes on a rampage, killing everyone in the saloon. They then burn the building to the ground.

  • The trio march towards the mayor's office, hoping to extort as much information as possible out of him. When they arrive, they meet up with Eclipse. And the story continues...

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