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Lancejack O'Houlihan is a young gun looking to make his place in pirate lore. His dream is to have the biggest bounty in the East Blue, and eventually, the Grand Line. 


Lancejack is a 21 year old pirate. His crimson hair was an object of ridicule in his youth, and any snide coment about his luscious locks will be sure to instigate a brawl. He weighs in at a whopping 150 lbs and a staggering 5' 11." His pale skin is unmarred by scarring, but he does have a few tribal tatoos on his right hand and a dot under each eye. He wears a wide headband to keep back his untamable mane of hair. 


Lancejack has a fiery heart and a stubborn will. His impassioned pursuit of piracy nirvana causes him to get involved in unecessary fights and take unwise risks. He will fight any man that jokes about his hair. Lancejack takes orders from no one and often has to be dragged away from fights by his crew. As any normal pirate does, Lancejack enjoys the taste and experience of alcohol. He is often found drinking or drunk at parties, but never at sea. Above all, Lancejack hates Devil-fruit users. He believes it to be a betryal to the sea to consume one of those accursed fruits. He has a vendetta against devil fruit and will go out of his away to fight and kill those who eat them.


Affiliation Position Prior Affiliation Ship
None None None None

Fighting Style[]

Sword Hammer Axe Bow Guns Spear Unarmed Custom 
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Lancejack has adopted a very unique style known as "Swashbuckling." He is neither a master, nor a novice in any discipline. He shoot as well as he swings a sword, and he does both of those as well as he brawls. A jack-of-all-trades, if you will. He uses this knowledge and experience with many different styles to make for a very chaotic battle. He will fight with a sword, knife, gun, axe, hammer, fists, and feet, all at the same time. He makes up for his lack of mastery in any one discipline by bringing several styles to the table. His signature manuevre, Juggle, is a distraction as well as combat technique. Lancejack will throw his weapons from one hand to another, even while kicking at his opponent. His tenacious form often appears sloppy, as he is no master, but it gets the job done, and thats all he needs. 

Items and Equipment[]

Location Armor Toughness Special
Head Head Band N/A
Shoulders Blue Vest 1


White Shirt 1


Empty N/A
Pants Olive Pants 1
Boots Leather Boots 1
Weapons ATK Special
Bronze Saber 10
Inventory Quantity
Gold 1,265