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Kyrie is one of the top fighters at the Telmar sand pits.


Kyrie is a beautiful woman with the telltale bronze skin and yellow eyes that Telmarians generally have. She has flowing white/blue hair and wears a mix of cloth and heavy enchanted titanium armor. She has enchanted her armor to be extremely light, allowing her to be quick and fluid in battle.


Kyrie is a light hearted warrior who fights for the fun of it. She has a magnetic personality, due to her fun loving nature and never negative attitude. She and Zuro used to be lovers a long time ago, but he left her side to be a pirate, something she has never forgiven him for.

Fighting Style[]

Kyrie fights using two chakrams that are tied to enchanted chains that extend from her wrists. With this style of combat her attacks are quick, relentless and unpredictable. She combines quick attacks with her extremely agile movements to win her battles.