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Nickname: N/a

Age:  23

Sex: Male

Blood Type: A-

Physical Description[]

Height: 5'10

Mr spiky hair got nervous by juliemill-d2yhjfe.jpg

Weight: 165 lbs

Skin: Tan

Hair: Silver, short cut and spiky

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing features: Very prominent Jawline, very broad shoulders. Strongly masculine

Clothing: Generally wears simple, easy to move in clothes, generally

preferring tank tops and baggy pants.


Klein's dream is to find a place where he is wanted and needed. He desires a purpose, be it a goal to fight for, or a person to protect. Klein believes he may have found it in his captain Klimlor, yet is unsure as to the nature of his captain's character. 


Klein is generally playful and Kind, and rarely loses his temper. He is awkard around people he hasn't met yet, and can be called cold at times because of it. But he is very sympathetic to the needs of others and tends to appreciate their needs as much as his own. 


Sword Hamer Axe Bow Guns Spear Unarmed Custom
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