James is a young man, just starting on his journey.


James Crux is a quick tempered man, always ready for a scrap; but he is always loyal to his friends and allies and always willing to help out a person in need.


Crux is a dark haired man, aged 19, average height and a little stocky. He wears a simple white shirt and black pants with a pair of black leather shoes.


Affiliation Position Prior Affiliation Ship
None None None None

James is just starting out on his jouney. His current goal is to find a marine base and join up.

Fighting Style

Sword Hammer Axe Bow Guns Spear Unarmed Custom 
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

James's fighting style is based around bare knuckle boxing, he only has a basic fighting skill set, but he has ideas on how that is going to change....


Gold Equipped Weapon
0 None


I used to live on a small island working odd jobs and living with friends, but one day pirates came to our little island and began to pillage it. At the time i was out partying with my friends and when they saw us they attacked us over a barrel of beer, killing one of my friends. I charged them and knocked two of them out before one of them shot me in the shoulder and left me for dead. When I woke up i was being treated by one of the local doctors, and it was then I decided to devote my life to hunting pirates

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