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James is a 20-year old pirates that hopes to make his own crew and become a famous pirate. He is currently looking to earn a large reserve of gold. 


James's dream is to sail the oceans of the world and exploring all there is to explorer. James has had the dream of being a famous pirate since he was a child. He's always wanted to do what he wants and find things that the average man couldn't. James can't wait to reach his goal of becoming a true pirate.


James is a child at heart. He's full of life and curiosity. He loves nature and the world as a whole, but he's also still a pirate. He's not a saint at all, preferring to steal and pick fights for the fun of it. Despite his child-like nature, James isn't a fool. James can be very cunning and looks at situations in a very mature manner.

Apperance []

James is a dark skinned male with short, black hair. He is about 5'11 and his body is moderately toned. He tends to were clothing that is colored black and red. He also has a pirate captain's hate that he bought when he was a teenager. James also has a rose tatoo on the right side of his chest. 


James had heard stories of pirates ever since he was a small boy. Tales of famous pirate raids and treasure hunt, all more exciting than the last. James promised himself that he would become a great pirate when he came older and once he turned twenty, he didn't stay at his home town a second longer. Once he made it to the Harmony Festival, he started his adventure.


Affiliation Position Prior Affiliation Ship Bounty Epithet
Black Dragon Pirate Member N/A None None None

Fighting Style[]

Unarmed Bladed Bludgeoning  Ranged Thrown Pole Devil Fruit Custom 
1 1 1 1 3 1 1 5

James's style is to use shurikens in a very precise manner in order to disable and/or quickly dispose of any threat. He can also use them as cover fire for his much strong allies. Recently, James has taken up beast taming. He uses the animals in his surroundings to help him in difficult situations. 


Gold Equipped Weapon
??? Bronze Shurikens