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Hanako is a marine fighter, very enthusiastic about her job and with a very unique style of fighting.



She has stunning long hair, coming down to her waist and put up in a little white pony tail. Her hair is a pure white in colour, matching her light blue and white dress. She also has light blue eyes. The most striking thing about her is her petite frame, being only around 4 foot 10 and being mostly bone. Due to the disease she has she is extremely skinny.


Hanako is always happy, almost no matter what. She relies on her luck most of the time giving her an over all happy-go-lucky attitude. She is pretty uncaring of anything she does wrong, can be quite stubborn as well as rather bitchy too. However this isn't often, unless she's in a bad mood or just happened to not get enough sleep. 


To become a legend like her father, and to try and do good for the people no matter what!

Fighting Style[]

She fights using the special weapon obtained from her father, it's a large rifle with an immense amount of recoil. Due to the fact that Hanako is extremely light, she has developed the rifle into more than just a gun, but a tool for manoeuvring around the battlefield at extremely fast speeds. She has attached a curved blade to the barrel of the gun, so by using the recoil to increase her momentum she can use this added momentum to create deeper cuts etc. This works especially well due to her light weight, and the fact she isn't very strong, so all she has to do to deal lots of damage to her opponent, is increase her momentum using the recoil!


Her Awesomely awesome gun, it's over half her size in height and almost as wide as her.

Her father was in the marines, and wielded the same weapon that she does to this day. He was a good man, a true marine with noble intentions, trying to rid the world of evil. Or so she was told anyway. In truth he was corrupt, and died whilst trying to take a pirates gold, the pirate had earnt the gold helping some merchants fight off some bandits. However she never learnt this. She heard of his death to the hands of the pirates and decided to join the marines just like her father, she vowed only to kill when she was forced, and that she would destroy evil. Nobody knows of her surname as she was unwilling to tell the people in the Marines, she did this as she had heard the rumours of her father and didn't want to find out more, mainly through her own stubbornness and the fact that in her head he had become a hero, like that of legends. 




Unarmed Bludgeoning Pole Thrown Ranged Kyoto DF
1 1 1 1 1 13 1 -

Items and Equipment[]

Location Armor Toughness Special
Weapons ATK Special
Inventory Quantity
Gold ****