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Vice Admiral Gadoren is Admiral Masami's right-hand man. With the epithet, "Thousand-Eyes", Gadoren is reportedly an intelligence officer of the highest caliber, and is known to be able to find any information with ease, no matter how concealed it may be.



A handsome man of middle-age, Gadoren has a lean and compact build with long-dextrous fingers. He wears a short beard, and prefers to wear a suit beneath his marine jacket at all times.


Gadoren is cool, calm and collected, though less so than Masami. His humor is dry and witty, and he is a cultured man with excellent tastes and an extremely polite demeanor. He rarely displays heightened emotion, but he smiles easily and has a paternal air.


His is extremely loyalty to Masami, and hopes to serve her to the best of his ability. Any personal goals are unknown.