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Admiral Masami, "The White Dragon", is one of the three Admirals of the Navy. A keen tactician and planner, Masami is known as the Navy's most efficient leader. Born on a Winter Island in the New World renowned for it's endless snowstorms, Masami joined the marines young, and distinguished herself in all areas with incredible speed.


Masami is beautiful by any measure. A lean woman of middle height (5’6’’), her porcelain skin is unmarked by a single wound, and her long black hair is bright and lustrous.


Cold, detached and emotionless, Admiral Masami is a genius of the highest order, and thinks through situations while staying moves ahead of her opponents. She rewards success and looks down on failure, but punishes only as necessary. Her supporters follow her because of her power and insight, rather than her magnetism, as Lysander’s do.


Masami’s goal is to improve the world as a whole. She cares little for individuals, and emphasizes acting for the greater good. She is not needless cruel or violent however, and only acts in a negative manner when it is the only option available. She values order above all else.