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Admiral Lysander, "The Red Lion," is one of the three Admirals of the Navy. He is known as a fierce warrior who's will and strength incites the devotion of his men. He's also alternatively known as the "People's Champion", due to his rise from humble roots into one of the most distinguished positions in the world. Despite his high ranking, Lysander stays true to his roots and prefers to dress and act as a simple man.


He is a giant bronze skinned man with furious red hair. He’s extremely menacing looking but his goofy smile and kind demeanor sets him apart. Doesn’t wear much armor besides bracers on his arms. He usually dons a large red cloak thrown over simple clothing with his great broadsword strapped to his back with a rope. 


Lysander is a man that inspires awe and admiration to all of those around him. His positive outlook on life, and carefree nature win many over to his side. Although his roots are humble and he doesn’t know much about the fine things in life, he speaks with a certain elegance that has everyone hanging onto his words. He tends to be brash, rude and very in the face as well. Although usually in a very jolly mood, he is quick to become enraged.


Lysander is a man that likes what he does and does what he likes. His greatest motivation seems to be in stirring people to make something of themselves, whether it be under him or on their own. He fights proudly in the Navy but mostly to serve as a powerful guardian to the people, rather than as a hunter who wants to imprison the evil. On more than one occasion he’s been seen to convert powerful criminals onto his side, showing them what it means to fight for the people.

Vice Admiral Sethlans[]


“Iron Hide” Sethlans. He’s basically everything that Lysander isn’t. He has a cool head, and keeps Lysander serious. They’re basically like brothers. He has extremely potent “Tekkai” Rokushiki, that’s why he’s named Iron Hide. He protects the things he cares about. Sethlans and Lysander grew up together on Koh, in the tropical rainforests.