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Aces Razorback

Aces Razorback a member of the East Blue Trading company, neither marine nor pirate.


Aces Razorback is a giant of a man, standing 6 foot 10, 310 pounds of muscle, but is warm hearted to most people. His dream is to travel the world, hear the stories of everyone and one day tell all their tales to masses of people.


Aces will always make an attempt to see the good in people, and try to get them to tell him their story. He will go out of his way to help sometimes, but if he's in a bad mood (especially if he's hungry) he can be very harsh. 

Fighting Style[]

Fighting Style: Aces uses a fighting style based in Wushu, having been trained by an old man in his village. He utilises a bo-staff to give him the advantage in ranged fights with melee fighters.

Blades Unarmed Bludgeoning Pole Thrown Ranged Custom Dual DF
1 1 1 2 1 1 1 N/A N/A

HP: 100

Weapons Skill: Staff(2)

Weapon: Enchanted Wooden Staff (+20 ATK)

Lvl 1 Tech: Smash Stick [Ready]

Total Attack (TA): 2*3 + 20 = 26

Hit roll = d20+2 (Weapon Skill)

Damage: 26/2(TA/2) = 13


Tell-Tale Heart.

Aces gets +5 to rolls when dealing with information that may refer to any stories he's written about NPCs.


Aces carries an Enchanted Wooden Staff with him (+20 ATK), and uses that as his primary form of attack and defense. Aces has a steel chest piece

Carrying a chain and a rope.


Aces joined the Harmony festival on Day 2 and spent some time looking around. He exchanged his weapon voucher for his Enchanted Wooden Staff and got an early night.

On day 3 of the Festival he entered into a spar with Enzo, getting the better of him and deciding to travel with him.

He has been resting, spending time getting the locals stories before leaving, and moved out on Day 4 of Week 1.

Pyramid Challenge:

Red Ball:

Entered 1 room, directly north of their spawn and fought two men. Defeated them and earned 75 gold, bringing him to 708 gold.

After beating the clock puzzle, he earned 150 gold from the chest, bringing him to 858 gold.

Granted +150 gold from Inventory thread, to bring a total of 1058 gold

Earned 500 gold from the Return of Vivo chest to bring his total to 1558 Gold!

Bought a chain and a rope for 20 gold, bringin his total gold to 1538 gold!

Aces helped out against thugs and was rewarded with 200g and a steel chest piece! right here