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Gareth is a rank 9 fighter at the Telmar Sand Pits.

Fighting Style[]

Gareth uses brute strength and defense attacks. He wields a large battleaxe that he swings to cleave his enemies' heads straight off. He was coined "Stone Wall" after using his large incredibly tough Elbaf Steel shoulder/gauntlet to fend off many attacks in the pits.

Stats and Techniques[]

DMG: 70

Hit: +19

Dodge: +14

Haymaker : Deals +10 Damage. 4/4

Onyx Pummel: +10 Damage, If attack hits -15 enemy damage for 1 turn. 4/4

The Great Cleave: Give up next dodge, Deal +50 Damage. 5/5

Stone Wall: Forfeits dodge for 2 turns. +50 Reduction for 2 turns. 5/5